Mar 08 2012

Sukan, Feiner, and Energin receive Best Poster Award at IEEE 3DUI 2012

IEEE 3DUI (7th Symposium on 3D User Interfaces), which took place March 4-5 2012 in Costa Mesa, California is focused on the design and development of 3D user interfaces. The poster, “Manipulating Virtual Objects in Hand-Held Augmented Reality using Stored Snapshots” was the work of Ph.D. student Mengu Sukan, with M.S. student Semih Energin and Prof. Steve Feiner. Their work is an example of augmented reality, in which camera imagery is overlaid with live 3D graphics. The poster presents a set of interaction techniques that allow a user to first take snapshots of a scene using a tablet computer, and then jump back and forth between the snapshots, to revisit them virtually for interaction. By storing for each snapshot a still image of the scene, along with the camera position and orientation determined by computer vision software, this approach allows the overlaid 3D graphics to be dynamic and interactive. This makes it possible for the user to move and rotate virtual 3D objects from the vantage points of different locations, without the overhead of physically traveling between those locations. 3DUI attendees tried a real-time demo in which they laid out virtual furniture. They could rapidly transition between the live view and the viewpoints of multiple snapshots, as they moved and rotated items of virtual furniture, iteratively designing a desired layout.

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