.: Cross-Dimensional Gestural Interaction Techniques for Hybrid Immersive Environments :.


Project Description:

We present a set of cross-dimensional interaction techniques for a hybrid user interface that integrates existing 2D and 3D visualization and interaction devices. Our approach is built around one- and two-handed gestures that support the seamless transition of data between co-located 2D and 3D contexts. Our testbed environment combines a 2D multi-user, multi-touch, projection surface with 3D head-tracked, see-through, head-worn displays and 3D tracked gloves to form a multi-display augmented reality. We address some of the ways in which we can interact with private data in a collaborative, heterogeneous workspace. We also report on a pilot usability study to evaluate the effectiveness and ease of use of the cross-dimensional interactions.

These gestures were integrated in our VITA system. (more videos, publications and presentations are available on VITA site)


Benko, H., Ishak, E.W., Feiner, S. "Cross-Dimensional Gestural Interaction Techniques for Hybrid Immersive Environments." In Proc. IEEE Virtual Reality (VR 2005). Bonn, Germany. March 10–12, 2005. pp. 209–116. [PDF]


Download video here (DivX encoded, 19.5 MB), download divx codec here.


This project is funded in part by NSF ITR grant IIS-0121239 and IIS-00-82961, and Office of Naval Research Contracts N00014-99-1- 0394, N00014-99-1-0683, N00014-04-1-0005, and N00014-99-1-0249.
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