COMS E6176: User Interfaces for Mobile and Wearable Computing

Spring 2004, Thursday 12:35pm-2:25pm
825 Mudd

Prof. Steven Feiner 
feiner [at] 


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As computers get ever smaller, cheaper, and faster, the prospect of holding or wearing them as we move about has become an important alternative to stationary desktop and laptop computing. COMS E6176 will provide an introduction to research on user interfaces for mobile and wearable computing, relating it to ubiquitous/pervasive computing. Classes will include lectures, invited talks, student-led presentations and discussions of research themes, and design project presentations. Some of the topics that we will explore are:

Grading will be based on

The course prerequisite is a basic understanding of the design and realization of current 2D desktop user interfaces, as covered in COMS W4170 (User Interface Design), or permission of the instructor.


Steve Feiner (feiner at is a Professor of Computer Science and director of the Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab. He is interested in most aspects of computer graphics and user interfaces, with special emphasis on knowledge-based graphics and multimedia, highly interactive 3D user interfaces, virtual environments, augmented reality, wearable computing, information visualization, visual languages, and hypermedia. His office is 609 Schapiro CEPSR (212-939-7083), where he will hold office hours Monday 1-2pm and Wednesday 2:30-3:30pm (other hours by appointment).


Reading material will be linked to the syllabus.

Rules of the Game

You are responsible for all material covered in class and all the assigned reading, including any changes or additions announced in class. If you miss a class, please talk to someone who didn't.

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