It's the Head,

(or, How We Shoot Video Of Our AR Systems In Action)

Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab, CS Department, Columbia University
The Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Laboratory

Much of the "user's eye-view" video you see of virtual, or augmented, reality systems in action does not correspond to what a user would actually see if they were to use the system because the video is shot off a normal CRT, instead of through the (often much-lower quality) head-mounted display.

To show something much closer to what a user would actually see when using one of our augemented reality system, we shoot video directly through a head-mounted display. The video stream is created by putting a head-mounted display, that would normally be worn by a person, on a "dummy head" that has a camera in its eye, as see below. The graphical overlay is displayed on the head-mounted display, exactly as is would be for a normal user of our system.


We would like to thank members of Prof. Anthony Webster's Building Technologies Group in the School of Architecture for their help in putting the head together.

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