.: Multi Monitor Mouse (M3):.

What is it?


If you have ever worked on a multi-monitor system (two or more displays connected to the same computer) you have probably experienced the annoyance of having to move the mouse across large distances in order to access different parts of the desktop.

Multi Monitor Mouse (M3) widget allows you to warp your pointer across the monitor bezel (see figure) and thus speed up your interactions!

M3 allows for conventional control of the mouse within each monitor's screen, while permitting immediate warping across monitors when desired to increase mouse traversal speed.

M3 virtually simulates having one mouse pointer per monitor when using a single physical mouse device.

M3 is particularly beneficial in heterogeneous multi-monitor setups where monitors differ in size, resolution, orientation and distance to the user.

Our initial users report both strong preference for pointer warping and substantial increase in productivity (up to 29% faster targeting with a standard 5-button mouse)!

Try it yourself!

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Program Requirements:

Program Features:

Publications and Videos:

Benko, H. and Feiner, S. "Multi-Monitor Mouse."  Proc. ACM CHI 2005 (CHI'05: Human Factors in Computing Systems) Extended Abstracts. Portland, OR. April 2–7, 2005. pp. 1208-1211. pdf (1.4MB)*

Benko, H. and Feiner, S. "Pointer Warping in Heterogeneous Multi-Monitor Environments." Proc. Graphics Interface 2007, Montreal, Canada, May 28–May 3, 2007, pp. 111–117.

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Testing Setups:


4 monitors (Samsung 240T, 24", 1920x1200 pixels)

Total desktop space = 7680x1200 pixels

1 mouse (5 buttons, Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer)


3 monitors:
Wacom Cintiq 15X, 15"diag, 1024x768 pixels
Samsung 240T, 24"diag, 1920x1200 pixels
NEC WT600 Projected Screen, 48" diag, 1024x768 pixels

1 mouse (5 buttons, Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer)

Source Code:

If you would like to get the source code (C#) for this app, please contact us. We would be happy to send it to you.

Legal Information:

If you wish to get more information on licensing, please contact:

Tony Mauriello
Science and Technology Ventures, New York, New York 10027
Phone: 212-854-1243
Email: tm516 [at] columbia.edu

Acknowledgments: This project is funded by NSF Grant IIS-0121239. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Naitional Science Foundation.

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